Sylvain Lenoir

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Field of competences

- Marine fish biogeography, abundance and biodiversity

- Ecological effects of Anthropogenic and Climate Forcing on Fish populations and Trophodynamic of Food-Web

- Biodiversity and Abundance changes of marine organisms under exploitation pressure and climate warming

Skills: Numerical ecology

- Ecological niche and macro-scale modelling (NPPEN, GAM, GLM, RES, ...)

- Multivariate analysis, Meta-analysis, Ordination Methods (PCA, FCA, ACoP, ...)

- Fishery Population dynamics, time series analysis

- Geo-statistical techniques

Skills: Informatics & Field work

- Programming: Matlab (solid knowledge), R, Scilab, XHTML5 and CSS3

- Statistical analyses and data mining: Tanagra, SPAD, Excels, ACESS

- GIS: ArcGIS and QGis

- Fish sampling, measuring and taxonomy (oceanographic cruises in the English Channel and the North Sea)

Review For Scholarly Journal

- 2013 Peer Review for the journal PLoS ONE (PLoS)
- 2013 Peer Review for the journal Marine Ecology Progress Series (IR Center)
- 2013 Peer Review for the journal Journal of Sea Research (Elsevier Library)
- 2013 Peer Review for the journal Global Change Biology (Wiley Online Library)