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My name is Sylvain Lenoir and I am a marine ecologist. My expertise is in marine population ecology and dynamic, marine ecosystems functioning, and marine biodiversity.

Change in marine fish distribution

My research aims at answering the following general question: How can we assess and understand the synergistic effects of global warming and human disturbances which are likely to modify not only the structure but the productivity of marine ecosystems as well?
Fish play a key role in marine food webs. Their importance stems on their biomasses, as well as on their ecological role as they occupy high trophic levels. Biogeographic changes have important consequences on local and regional abundance of marine fish and on marine biodiversity and ecosystem productivity. In recent years, novel approaches have been implemented to quantify possible changes in species spatial distribution, to assess large-scale and long-term changes in the distribution of both species assemblages and target fish species, and to assess the impact of global anthropogenic changes on the life-history of a target species

These issues are part of the top-priority field in global change research, and those research lines will be of broad significance not only for the biological oceanography community, but also for scientists involved in sustainability science as well as for stakeholders and policymakers.